Top 100 Electronic Component Parts - Spring, 2018


The following are the most popular electronic parts and components we sell here at Summit Electronics for Winter 2017. From IGBT's, integrated circuits and microchips to NVRam, Dram and other types of memory to diodes, (SCRs), transistors and mosfets, if it's hard to find, that's because you haven't spoken to us yet! Spring Parts List instead of? Our helpful component experts help you locate the part you need.


We have stock from manufacturers including Analog Devices to Unitrode. So far in November, we are seeing alot of interest in components from NXP Semiconductors, Siemens, Analog Devices, NEC, and Texas Instruments, among others. These manufacturers are quite popular this month thus far with alot of interest from power plants Florida and Texas because of the recent storms. We also are getting orders from the oil industry and aerospace. We are also seeing interest from UAE and Mexico.

Here is the list of Top 100 Parts:
Manufacturer Electronic Part Number
Analog Devices ADM483EAN
Semikron SKM145GB123D
Analog Devices AD846SQ/883B
NEC 1-016-905
Texas Instruments SN75325
Motorola MCM6665AL20
Siemens IRLA075
STMicroelectronics SFC2741M
Allegro MicroSystems LLC UDN2588A
Positronic DD104M10000
Siemens SAE0700
Clare HGSM1001
Texas Instruments 27C210A-12
Fuji EVL31-050
Oki Semiconductor M5165L-15
Microsemi PM5384-NI
Samsung S3C2410AL-20
TE Connectivity PBT-GF30
Harris HI1-507
Hitachi HD63266F
Hitachi MBM200HT12H
Texas Instruments M430F147
Hewlett Packard HP7840
Intersil HS1-26CLV31RH/PROTO
STMicroelectronics M48Z09-100PC1
Siemens T7CS5D-24
Toshiba ULN2803AG
Applied Engineering Products 9001-9023-019
Panasonic AN6680
NXP Semiconductors TDA3619
Vicor LM-261-CY
NXP Semiconductors TDA8885H
Siemens FZJ141A
Motorola MC145029P
NXP Semiconductors BFT24
Glenair 83N-25004-23
International Rectifier GA100LS60U
NXP Semiconductors BFQ149
AVX M55302/131-01
Unitrode CM6R37P07T
Harris ICM7218EIJL
Infineon 6R199P
Amphenol MS27491-22D
Siliconix JPAD5
Harris ICM7218EIJL
Positronic M24308/8-1
Potter & Brumfield T73S5D15-05
Maxim Integrated MAX51132D09
TE Connectivity PBT-GF30
Toshiba MG300Q1US11
AVX 18125C474JATMA
Sanyo 6TPE220MI
NEC PS2831-4
OPTi 82C391B
W.M. BERG 71600-026
General Electric SC151M
Motorola MC7815CK
Infineon BSM150GT120DN
Glenair 83N-25004-23
Renesas HD6413003RF-16V
Texas Instruments MA3243C
Nais DS2E-M-DC24V
National Semiconductor IEE1800R
National Semiconductor HLCD0438AP
AMP JMS27497E22B21S
Power-One HBAA-40W-A
Infineon IRFP150N
Motorola XC68HC811E2FN
Glenair 83N-25004-23
CRC M83421/01-1213S
Mitsubishi QM150DY-HB
Fujitsu FRL-648D05/1AS
Pyle 53711-5727489-16
Power-One HAA5-1.5OVP-A
ITW 3922100
International Rectifier IRFIB41N15D
Cypress Semiconductor AN2131QC
Lattice Semiconductor ISPLSI 1032E-70LTI
Glenair 83N-25004-23
YSI YSI-44031
Allen Bradley 800A-M2GG24
NEC 2SC1426
NEC 2SC1426
Leach International M6106/13-001
Fuji A50L-0001-0175-M
Sony CXA8038AP
Amphenol 220-2N052
Siemens V23079-A1003-B201
Mitsubishi PM30CNA060
Fuji 1DI300ZP-120
Trompeter BN153

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