IGBT Transistor Parts and Their Applications

An insulated gate bipolar transistor, or IGBT, enables efficient electronic switching at high frequencies. Equipped with three terminals like other semiconductor switches, IGBTs can deliver benefits typical of both MOSFET-based and bipolar-transistor switching devices in ways that make them well suited to many modern applications.

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The Early History of the IGBT

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The first commercial IGBT parts were developed and marketed starting in the 1980s, although the concept had been described in Japan more than a decade before. In 1978, Canadian electrical engineering researcher James Plummer noted that a MOS-gate equipped thyristor could be used as an efficient switch if its transistor characteristics were enabled throughout its operating range. This realization allowed a variety of existing component designs to be easily altered so as to be redirected to an increasingly important purpose.

A Wide Variety of Suitable Applications

While first-generation IGBT products were sometimes unreliable, rapid progress quickly made the part a mainstay of many projects and products. Today's IGBT parts, in fact, have displaced traditional alternatives in many different types of applications. Some of the kinds of products and systems where IGBT components are now most often found include:

  • Electric vehicle motors. With electric cars and even trucks becoming increasingly common, demand for switching parts that can handle high currents has been rising steadily. IGBT modules are found in many all-electric and hybrid passenger vehicles.
  • Induction heating systems. Electrically induced heating is an especially efficient way to transform one type of energy into another. IGBT are well suited to induction heating systems of many kinds, from compact counter-top units designed for cooking at home to industrial devices of far larger scale.
  • Solar power inverters. The direct current generated by photovoltaic solar panels must often be converted into alternating current so as to power a home or feed back into the local grid. A number of IGBT parts will almost always be found playing critical roles within the inverters used for this purpose.

As a component that combines impressive performance with suitability to many especially common modern applications, the IGBT is a mainstay of many projects. A high quality IGBT will often be the best choice where efficient, high frequency electronic switching is required.

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ZXDG12D48-12 ZXDG10S4805 ZWS2412 ZW62415
ZW62412 ZW61215 ZW61212 ZW60515
ZW60512 ZW34815 ZW34815 ZW34812
ZW32415 ZW32412 ZW32405 ZW31215
ZW31212 ZW30515-XMBN ZW30515 ZW30512
ZW1R54815 ZW1R54812 ZW1R52415 ZW1R52412
ZW1R51215 ZW1R51212 ZW1R50515 ZW1R50512
ZW1R50505 ZW104815 ZW104812 ZW102415
ZW102412 ZW101217 ZW101215 ZW101212
ZW101012 ZW100515 ZW100512 ZVP5U9HP
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ZUW64806 ZUW62415 ZUW62412 ZUW62406-XCMN
ZUW62406 ZUW62405 ZUW61215 ZUW61212
ZUW61205 ZUW60515 ZUW60512 ZUW34815
ZUW34812 ZUW32415 ZUW32412 ZUW31215
ZUW31212 ZUW30515 ZUW30512 ZUW254815
ZUW254812 ZUW252415 ZUW252412 ZUW251215
ZUW251212 ZUW250515 ZUW250512 ZUW1R54815
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