Is It Worth Salvaging Electronic Components From Old Devices? Summit Electronics February 5, 2022
Is It Worth Salvaging Electronic Components From Old Devices?
Old motherboard from a dusty computer desktop.

Even though an electronic device or household appliance may no longer function properly, there may be components in the device that are still in good condition. If you know how to identify these components and safely remove them, you can sell them to a parts dealer for a modest price. Salvaging several different components from one device can help you earn a modest sum from a device that you couldn’t otherwise sell.

Desktop Computers

Even after a computer crashes or develops another problem that’s too expensive to fix, there are still components in the machine that you can salvage. Taking the time to remove these items can help you make enough off of the computer to help you pay for a new desktop or laptop. For example, a power supply module that’s in good working condition can be removed and used to power another computer or other devices. Smaller components, such as resistors, capacitors, and transformers can also be reused. The CD or DVD drives contain laser diodes and rack and pinion assemblies that can be sold.



In many cases, it’s actually cheaper to buy a new printer than it is to replace used up ink cartridges. If you find yourself in that situation, resist the temptation to toss the printer in the trash. You can make some extra money to put towards your new printer and reduce the amount of waste that ends up in your local landfill by selling the individual parts of the printer. The average computer printer is loaded with motors, lasers, optical sensors, and other parts that are needed to repair a large number of devices. All-in-one machines that house printers, copiers, and fax machines will have even more valuable electronic components to be salvaged.


Household Appliances

In addition to salvaging electronics, you can also salvage parts from old household appliances. For instance, blenders, mixers, and toaster ovens have AC motors and other components that can be sold to repair shops. The magnetic tube in your old microwave will also be valuable as a replacement part. Larger appliances, including stereo equipment, DVD and VCR players, and televisions, will offer larger numbers of parts that can be removed and sold.



Today’s children’s toys are just as complex as computers and other sophisticated electronic devices. This means they contain gearboxes, motors, sensors, and batteries that may still be in good working condition. If your children have broken toys, it may be worthwhile to disassemble them and remove these components. Once removed, the parts can be sold and used to repair other toys or other electronic equipment.

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