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5G Parts Sourcing and Procurement Summit Elecctronics February 25, 2022
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Summit Electronics knows that the next generation of cellular mobile communications is clearly 5G, which makes sense, having followed 4G, 3G and 2G systems before that. Ideally, this new technology will allow users to send and receive incredible amounts of data with significantly faster speeds (up to 20x faster than 4G) without being hardwired. And the responsiveness is measured in milliseconds.

Gartner has predicted more than 20 billion devices will be connected by the end of 2020, while 5G has been determined to be accessible and energy efficient to a level that supports all these connections.

The Market Impact of 5G

As 5G continues to make its debut, the following impact is immediately apparent: Undetermined Costs: Every time a new technology hits the market, there are additional costs. Industry professionals have so far been unsure how much this will cost consumers and how it will affect business. Not to mention, current costs to mobile data could also increase as 5G might impact both business and consumers.


If true, the increase in data processing could help expand both sourcing and procurement in addition to other business functions, enhancing everyone's developing needs and requirements.

Download Time

All indicators say the amount of time it will take to download on 5G networks will be remarkably faster.


Lower latency coupled with 5G speed ensures better efficiencies than 4G and fewer dropped internet connections.


Not everyone is ready for change, but usually change comes regardless.


Again, provided the speed predictions are accurate, communication between suppliers and the public will be more efficient and effective.

Video Conferencing

Considering the speed and fewer dropped connections, video conferencing will be significantly improved, with a higher quality of supply chain service and reliability as a result of fewer packet losses.


5G's compatibility with hardware creates the need to recycle outdated devices. Some may postpone a 5G adaptation until their next hardware refresh, while others will want 5G in their supply chain immediately.

Ready or not, the new generation of technology is here, and most businesses will benefit from the improved connectivity and speed. If you are ready to adapt to 5G, Summit Electronics is your source for 5G parts procurement.

Summit Electronics is an emerging leader in 5G parts sourcing and procurement. We have long been a trusted, responsible source for electronic parts, offering you the cost-effective options that keep you connected with the fastest speeds. We are a global distributor of electronics for both the military and civilians, and our customer service team has the knowledge to walk you through your connection requirements until you are completely comfortable with the transaction. And we ship anywhere in the world.

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