Products Summit Elecctronics November 17, 2021
Summit is a global supplier of hard-to-find and obsolete electronic components. Through our worldwide distribution network, we have become many purchasing agents first (and last) call! We are proud that Summit personnel focus on:
Customer Service
Fast Delivery
Outstanding Pricing
How does Summit do it?
  • 55 Years Experience
  • Knowledgeable Sales Staff
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Hard To Find & Obsolete Parts
  • International Import/Export
  • 2,000,000+ Parts Available
  • 90% Of Deliveries - Overnight
  • No Line Item Minimum
  • 24 Hour Phone & Fax Support
  • One-On-One Personal Support
Electrolytic capacitors installed on the motherboard closeup


Electrical relays, breakers and ballasts

Position Sensors

  • Industrial Midwec
  • Mitsubishi/MMC
  • NTE Electronics
  • Rohm Corp.
  • Surge
The technician repairing the smartphone's motherboard in the lab

Crystal & Oscillators

  • NTE Electronics
Electronic and electrical components of the industrial device


  • American Power Devices
  • BKC International
  • Diodes Inc.
  • General Instrument
  • General Semiconductor
  • International Rectifier
  • ITT Semiconductor
  • Lite On, Inc.
  • Microsemi Corp.
  • Micro Quality
  • NTE Electronics
  • Rectron
  • Rohm Corp.
Electronic components close-up. Golden electronic microcircuits.

Electron Tube Parts

Electronic vacuum tubes and other electronic components on the table. Toned background for design.


  • Fuji Poly
  • Berquist
Widescreen close up shot of SMD silicon microchip with editable

Integrated Circuits

  • NTE Electronics
  • Rohm Corp.

Opto Devices

  • Isocom
  • Kingbright
  • NTE Electronics
  • Rohm Corp.
Capacitors on circuit board

Power Components


Electronic Components Lists



  • NTE Electronics
  • Stetron International
Summit Electronics most wanted parts


  • NTE Electronics
  • Rohm Corp.


  • NTE Electronics
  • Teccor Electronics
Fuse box, power supply circuit breakers. Voltage switchboard with electric automatic. Control panel electrical switches home electrical network.



Transient Voltage Protectors

  • General Instrument
  • General Semiconductor
  • Microsemi Corp.
  • NTE Electronics
  • Stetron Electronics
  • Texas Instruments
Electronic components close-up. Golden electronic microcircuits.


  • Calogic Corp.
  • Diodes Inc.
  • General Instrument
  • General Semiconductor
  • ITT Semiconductor
  • Microsemi Colorado
  • Mospec International
  • New England Semiconductor
  • NTE Electronics
  • Rohm Corp.
  • Semelab Ltd.

In addition to our franchised product lines, we have access to a full range of other national and international brands. As our CEO says, “CHALLENGE US TO LOCATE YOUR MOST NEEDED PARTS.” Let us become your purchasing agent’s first call so we can work for you!

We are national distributor for many fine product lines:  Electronic, Military, Obsolete, Passive and Electromechanical parts. So you can choose from a vast and comprehensive selection of major electronic components and electronic manufacturers.

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