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Electronic Parts By Industry Summit Elecctronics November 16, 2021
Industries Served
Trying to find electric components? Are you looking for hard to find or obsolete electronic parts? We sell only high quality product from our huge selection of over 700,000 parts. Summit is a leading global source for components in many industries including the following:


Agriculture robotic and autonomous car working in smart farm, Future 5G technology with smart agriculture farming concept

Agricultural Robotics

rendering bitcoin cryptocurrency mining farm background color

Bitcoin Mining Equipment

5G cellular repeaters on the pole

5G Parts Sourcing and Procurement

Closeup on electronic board in hardware repair shop, blurred and toned image. Shallow DOF, focus on the middle left field

Blockchain electronic components

Petrochemical industry on sunset and Twilight sky, Power plant, Energy power station area.

Chemical Industry

Widescreen close up shot of SMD silicon microchip with editable

Defense industry

Close up of gaming slot machines in casino

Casino Gaming

The technician repairing the smartphone's motherboard in the lab

Discrete Manufacturers


Food Processing

Summit Electronics most wanted parts



Furniture Manufacturing


Glass Bottle Manufacturing

Department of Commerce in Washington D,C


Close up of a man hand is using a futuristic latest innovative t

Home Automation

Macro close-up image of circuitry (graphics card capactors, resi

Industrial Repairs

People Walking On Street

Infrastructure/ Government

Coal mine workers in an open pit

Mining Industry

Oil platform on the ocean. Offshore drilling for gas and petroleum or crude oil. Industrial

Oil industry

Clamp ceramic heater. Industrial heating system for pipelines for plastic injection molding machines.


Gas turbine electrical power plant with in Twilight power for fa

Power station/power plant

Polygraphic process in a modern printing house

Printing Press Parts

Screens monitoring and control of technological processes

Process Control

Paper and pulp mill - Factory, Plant

Pulp & Paper

robotic arm catch for electronic assembly line. The robot for smart technology manufacturing process.

Robotics Parts

Robotic vision sensor camera system measure the aluminum mobile phone part

Robot Vision

Metal coils machine. Interior of factory. Business concept.

Steel/Metal Fabricating

Machine and equipment in the weaving shop. interior of industrial textile factory


A tire receives its final shape after being kept for 9 minutes in the oven, at Continental tire plant in Timisoara.

Tire Building Machines

Medical ventilators on store exhibition

Ventilator Parts and Healthcare

liquid cooling high-end desktop pc 4k monitor and rgb mouse and keyboard for mining, gaming, rendering

Video Gaming Industry

Integrated Circuit

From defense to textiles, printing to plastics, oil industry to solar, Summit Electronics is your electrical component part supplier for every sector. From transistors to rectifiers, from semiconductors to switches, all of our parts are ready to ship immediately worldwide.

Summit is a global Distributor of electronics for Civilian and Military, Robotic, New, Obsolete Parts & Passive Components. We are proud that Summit personnel focus on: knowledgeable customer service, reliability, quick delivery, and discounted pricing.

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