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Electronic Parts for Plastic Molding Machines and Plastics Production Summit Elecctronics February 25, 2022
Clamp ceramic heater. Industrial heating system for pipelines for plastic injection molding machines.

We provide electronic parts for hydraulic, mechanical and electric injection molding machines for the production of plastic products.

We provide parts for clamping units as well injection units so that you can keep your production line moving instead of searching for replacement parts.

The process of plastic injection molding is an assembling technique for delivering custom plastic parts. Before the procedure starts, an accomplished shape producer must build a form or device so as to deliver a section. The development of the shape will incorporate 2 parts and contain all the geometry and highlights that make up the part details.

When the shape is developed, it is then stacked into an infusion forming machine where the procedure starts. A container is use to hold and nourish virgin plastic material into the barrel of the machine, where it ends up liquid. From here, a responding screw will proceed to encourage and blend the best possible measure of material.

After this, the screw will slam infuse the material into the shape hole. When the material enters the form, it starts to cool and solidify to adjust to the geometry of the shape. After the material cools, it is protected to expel the part from the form, and this finishes the cycle.


Electronic parts such as fuses, diodes, semiconductors and integrated circuits are key electronic components in injection molding machines and production.

Summit Electronics offers new, used, re-manufactured and obsolete injection molding machine parts at deeply discounted prices and we will help you locate the parts that you need with friendly and knowledgeable service.

We specialize in hard to find and obsolete parts for plastic production.

Our electronic component specialists will respond same day / next day to your quote requests!