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Video Gaming Industry Summit Elecctronics February 25, 2022
liquid cooling high-end desktop pc 4k monitor and rgb mouse and keyboard for mining, gaming, rendering
The Video Gaming Industry and the Need for Electronic Parts

During these troubling times, people around the world need an escape that can help us forget the trials and tribulations. While COVID-19 is making its rounds through various countries and populations, gamers are making themselves at home behind their PCs and consoles.

They’re choosing to stay inside, boot up their favorite game title, hopping on Discord with their friends and gaming more than ever. With millions of people buying electronic components to pass the time and keep themselves entertained, having the electronic parts that gamers need to keep their systems running smoothly is a must!

A Growing Need for Gaming Equipment

With statistics showing that 1 in 4 individuals within the United States now identify as a ‘gamer’ or have a gamer in their household, having the proper gear is a must.

As any competitive gamer knows, you live and die by the quality of your systems, and your systems need to be composed of the best components.

Although this is not a comprehensive list of components that gamers need to play their best, it begins to paint a picture of how vast the market is. Gaming consoles and set ups require:

  • Gaming monitors with high refresh rates (144hz and above)
  • Lightweight mice with high DPI
  • Wireless headsets with high-quality microphones
  • Mechanical keyboards with durable switches
  • Random access memory (RAM) to increase the speed of personal computers
  • Solid-state drives for quicker load times

It’s not hard to see how influential gaming gear is in the lives of millions around the globe. If you’re a manufacturer that wants to make their impact inside of the gaming industry, making parts and quality equipment will make you stand out from the competition. From ICs to switches, transistors for monitors to power supplies, Gaming equipment requires high quality parts from top manufacturers from Nvidia to Intel and AMD.

An Underdog's Dream Come True

If you were to bring up the topic of gaming within the last few decades, a few brands would rise to the forefront of the conversation. Too-big-to-fail companies such as Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft dominated the market with profits ranging in the billions, with fans from every country.

With more gamers looking for parts to upgrade their current machines, we've seen growth spurts in grassroots businesses. One such company -- Glorious PC Gaming Race -- has focused its efforts on meeting the rising demand of gamers.

In past years, high-end gaming peripherals would cost customers hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. Glorious aimed to provide competitive gamers with mice that would work the same as their hundred-dollar counterparts at half the price. With that mindset, they're now one of the fastest-growing businesses in the market.

Although this may seem like a rare instance of success, it gives hope to up-and-coming businesses that want to make a name for themselves.

Forecasting the Future

Simply put, gaming isn't going to disappear overnight. With the resurgence of coronavirus and stay-at-home orders, people are looking for unique ways to entertain themselves.

Instead of fighting against this phenomenon, we should embrace it and learn to adapt to the new normal. High-quality gaming electronic components that don't break the bank are what gamers want and need in the months and years to come!

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