MV Capacitors

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MV Capacitors & Dividers
High Voltage Capacitors

MV capacitors are medium voltage capacitors. MV capacitors and voltage dividers are based on a dry capacitor technology. The resin moulded capacitors are based on the latest technological developments based on capacitor windings made of metalized polypropylene dielectric and impregnation with gas.

MV stands for “medium voltage”. They are used in partial discharge measurement. They are typically installed in industrial electrical networks.

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Technical Specifications of MV Capacitors:

  • Capacitance Range: 2-500 nF
  • Tolerance on Capacitance: ±5%
  • Operating Voltage: 10 – 52 kV
  • Loss Factor: < 5×10-4 at 20°C, 50 Hz
  • Partial Discharge Level: < 5 pC at 1.2 Time Operating Voltage
  • Ambient Temperature (During Operation & Storage): -40°C to 70°C
  • Inductance: Typically 1 nH per mm Length
  • Lifetime Expectancy: 20 – 30 Years
  • Impregnation: Gas
  • Installation: Any Position
  • Max. Height Above Zero Allowed: 1,000 m

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They are designed to meet the requirements of individual MV induction motors and power factor correction at the MV bus.


  • MV capacitors are used for fixed banks,
  • Single star and Double star capacitor bank
  • Medium voltage APFC equipment, for direct motor connections
  • for electric circuit boards for other consumer uses.

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