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Power Station Parts Memory Summit Elecctronics February 23, 2022
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Looking for flash memory or other electronic components to replaced damaged parts for your utility company, power transportation repairs, utility company, power plants and substations?

With hurricanes Irma and Harvey and the other storms, power transportation repair, power plants / utility companies are suffering outages and may be looking for flash memory and other electronic components to replace those damaged during storms. In Florida for example, the president of FPL called the widespread power outages at plants and substations “unprecedented” and of a “magnitude we just haven’t seen before.” From hospitals and nursing homes, to shelters and major thoroughfares, restoring power has got many working overtime in Texas and Florida.

At Summit Electronics, we have an international reputation for helping you source hard to find flash memory from Intel, Micron Technology, Samsung, SanDisk, Toshiba and more. Flash memory is widely used for storage and data transfer in consumer devices, enterprise systems and industrial applications.

In the near future, Florida Power and Light faces a daunting challenge on the west coast of Florida: reconstruction of its state-of-the-art smart grid. This endeavor requires weeks ( perhaps months ) of dangerous restorations of power plants, substations, and transmission lines.

Texas is severely affected too and many engineers are seeking hard to find electronic components to repair their power plants, substations and other systems. Texas and especially Houston serves as a major hub for the energy industry including refined product imports and exports and oil. Much of the strategic petroleum reserve is close by Houston, so it is particularly important for power stations to run smoothly and for this, parts are needed.

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