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Printing Press Electronic Parts for Sale Summit Elecctronics February 25, 2022
Polygraphic process in a modern printing house

There are so many technological advances in the world of printing presses these days, from 3D printing to new innovations in digital printing to the new frontier of nanographic printing, printing press technology continues to evolve and the the industry is as viable as ever.

But who supplies the electronic parts you need when your press goes down?

Summit Electronics supplies electronic parts all commercial printing press makers from Heidelberg and Ryobi to Komori and Mitsubishi, Canon and Xerox. We supply the OEM electric parts to keep your press running. From cutters and folders, to feeders, pumps, bindery machines and more, we have the electronic components you need!

Need a new BAU or BAM board for your Heidelberg SM? A BEK Control Board NTK / NT85 Power Supply Board or a circuit board? Just call Summit!

Offset Lithography Press Parts

On of the most popular processes in the printing industry. modern offset printing presses use computer systems and electronics to enhance quality. Offset is used to print on any flat surface such as plastic, signs, paper etc. Summit Electronics has parts for Roland Favorit RF01 sheet-fed offset presses, Ryobi 4 color offset presses and all types of web-fed offset lithographic press. From sensors to circuit boards, we have what you are looking for.

Need a new circuit board for your printing press? Call us for a free quote. Need a 98161-3 timing controller circuit board for your Royobi commercial printing press?


Flexography is a commonly used technique which allows content to be produced at rapid speeds. Flexography presses utilize flexible photopolymer printing plates attached to rotating cylinders. The plates are slightly raised and rotate at high speed to transfer the content on the printing surface. We supply electric components for flexography. Regardless of whether you require timers or boards or fuses or electric motors, we are your component part source for needs, both new and obsolete

Digital Printing Press Electronics

From float switch assemblies to micro switches to slider PCB assemblies we have parts for all digital printing presses. From Ryobi to Xerox, from Hamada to Stahls to Heidelberg, digital printing has become incredibly popular due to the advancement of digital technology. The technique involves transferring content from a digital device to a printing surface. Unlike other traditional methods such as lithography, printing plates in digital printing are not regularly replaced. This significantly reduces the printing turnaround time and cost and reduces the need for part and component replacement.

Xerography and inkjet are the most popular digital printing methods. We supply the total range of electronics and components required for both commercial inkjet and xerography.

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