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Oil and Gas Industry Electronic Components and Parts Summit Elecctronics February 25, 2022
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Obsolete Parts for Oil Industry Systems

Looking for obsolete or hard to find parts for your oil rigs, processing plants etc.? At Summit Electronics, we offer electronic component parts for oil industry equipment including #diodes and #thyristors for heating systems used to lower viscosity during oil processing.

From the Gulf to remote Russian pipelines, we help engineers keep production flowing. Call (800) 226-6960 to speak to an oil and gas components specialist now.

In the oil and gas industry remanufacturing is often the best solution. If you are looking for parts and your OEM is out of business, that’s where we come in! From fuses, to ESD protectors to thyristors and diode arrays we will do whatever it takes to find what you need.

  • Missing a power supply card? Don’t sweat it, just call Summit!
  • Issue with the control system for a reciprocating compressor – We turn issues into smiles – just call Summit! Call (800) 226-6960
  • Semiconductors from the mid 1990’s? We still grunge with the best – Just call Summit!
  • Need a missing diode but need your control panel back at the plant right away? Call (800) 226-6960

Since allocating new parts in the oil & gas industry can take quite a while, a better solution may be to re-manufacture the electronic circuits – and we can help you find the missing parts you need if you are drilling down to the level of components in the original spec.

We source obsolete semi-conductors for the oil and gas industry. So don’t hesitate, call us today because when the chips are down, we’ll turn lost into found! Call (800) 226-6960We speak your language!

Need obsolete components for your Oil Industry systems?

Our electronic component specialists will respond same day / next day to your quote requests!