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Tire Building Machine Parts Summit Elecctronics February 25, 2022
A tire receives its final shape after being kept for 9 minutes in the oven, at Continental tire plant in Timisoara.
Tire Building Machines Electronic Parts and Tire Curing Component Parts

Electronic components such as ICs and diodes are utilized throughout the tire manufacturing process in tire building machines and curing from development to production. Automation and control systems support the tire manufacturing process from raw materials for processing mixing and curing to component preparation and tire construction. We have the ELECTRONIC parts and components for all types of TBM and tire curing machines.

We offer parts from Siemens, Rockwell and other top component and system manufacturers.


We provide electronic parts for the tire curing presses. Tire curing presses can last for years if maintained properly.


We have electronic components for tire building machines (TBM) / Tyre Vulcanizing Machines. Our parts for used or new systems will keep your assembly line running smoothly. Our components are necessary for the production of treads to sidewalls, inner liners to cord to create proper green tires to industry manufacturing specifications. Need parts for your tire building machines?

We have electronic parts for:
  • 1st and 2nd Stage Tire Building Machines
  • Continuous Strip Cutter/Feeders
  • Batch-off machines
  • Bead Flipping Machines
  • Mill Blenders
  • Sidewall Buffers
  • Guillotine Cutters
  • Slab Cutters
  • Mill Aprons
  • Mill Strip Blenders
  • Ply Guides and Wind-ups
  • Belt & Tread Servicers
  • Tire curing
  • Tread Slitters
  • Stock Let-off’s
  • Tread Jammers
  • and More

We will help you return your tire machine measurements to OE specifications. We will help you replace outdated control components.

From transistors and capacitors to mosfets, ICs, relays and power rectifiers, we are a global distributor sales agent for current / allocated hard-to-find and obsolete electronic parts and we can help you find replacement parts for your tire manufacturing equipment machines and curing today.

Need electronic components for Tire Building Machines?

Our electronic component specialists will respond same day / next day to your quote requests!